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Omega Case Company Inc. is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of reusable shipping and carrying cases for a variety of products and equipment. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction by incorporating the optimum design, short lead time, and fair pricing on all our products. We work hand in hand with all of our clients to make sure they are involved in creating a product that is perfect for their needs and expectations!

Omega Case is the fastest growing case company around today. Our President Omar Gonzalez has over 30 years experience in the case industry. He has assembled a quality group of skilled designers, salesman and craftsmen to make Omega Case Company THE choice by the biggest names in the equipment rental, manufacturing, entertainment and professional sports.

Please be assured that despite our phenomenal growth, we will continue to fulfill your case requirements in the same manner as in the past. And that is a PROMISE!



Omega Case is committed to providing the friendliest and most efficient customer service in the industry. We don’t look at any situation as a problem, only as another opportunity to please our customers. We always try to work hand in hand with all of our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the end result. We do our best to be able to accommodate the time crunch in this industry and do as fast of turn around as possible.  If you are local we can set time aside and schedule in-house appointments or we can even head to your location with a scheduled appointment. 


Whether you are shipping locally or internationally, you can rest assure that an Omega Case will provide safe delivery. Utilizing unparalleled craftsmanship and state of the art heavy-duty materials, Omega Cases are the industry standards when it comes to quality. We work very close with our venders to be able to communicate our clients needs an concerns and make sure that all products that are used are top notch and up to OMEGA's standards!


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